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Gap Fill Generator

Type in your instructions about how to do the gap fill exercise, put in your text (with line breaks if you want to put in one gap per line), make ONE gap by typing [ in front of the word you want to make into a gap, and ] after the word, and put in some feedback. Repeat for up to 20 gaps. Add some tips (optional) and finally press the 'Make my Gap Fill' button.
Click here to see an example exercise.
Step One
Type your title for this exercise in this box:
Step Two
Type your instructions for this exercise in this box, or go on to Step 3 if these instructions are O.K.

Step Three
Type or paste your text into this box:

Tip: If you want one gap per line, type in
at the point where you want to go to a new line. (
is the Internet code for a line break )

Remember: make only ONE gap at a time. To do this, do Step Four in the box on the right >>

Step Four
Put a left square bracket: [ (the key near the 'Enter' key on the keyboard) in front of each word you want to gap, and put a right square bracket: ] (between the [ key and the 'Enter' key) at the end of the word you want to gap. The program will understand this as the start and end of a gap. Then press this button:
Step Five
Tips: Choose what kind of tips you want to give your learners:
a) No tips b) This list of missing words.
And / Or c) A piece of text; e.g. a tip, which you can write in here:

Step Six
Check that the Feedback is OK

Feedback for Question 1.
Feedback for Question 2.
Feedback for Question 3.
Feedback for Question 4.
Feedback for Question 5.
Feedback for Question 6.
Feedback for Question 7.
Feedback for Question 8.
Feedback for Question 9.
Feedback for Question 10.
Feedback for Question 11.
Feedback for Question 12.
Feedback for Question 13.
Feedback for Question 14.
Feedback for Question 15.
Feedback for Question 16.
Feedback for Question 17.
Feedback for Question 18.
Feedback for Question 19.
Feedback for Question 20.

Step Seven: How to Save your Exercise

  1. After clicking the "Make My Gap Fill" button below
  2. On the new Gap Fill Exercise page, click the File menu at the top left of the screen
  3. Click "Save As" to save the Exercise onto your computer
  4. Test the Exercise by opening it: click File, Open Page
  5. Choose the file you just saved, then click "OK" or "Open"
  6. Test the Exercise to see if it works
  7. Put your Exercise onto an Internet server by:
    1. giving the Exercise to your school webmaster, or
    2. putting the Exercise on Geocities, Tripod or Blackboard

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More info on letting the computer automatically gap words

This produces a type of test called a 'T-test', which is useful for a rough estimate of a language learner's language ability.